Calphalon vs Scanpan: Which One Should You Go for?

I find the hype over Calphalon One interesting in that Scanpan has had cookware out for over 15 years with the same properties. I have several pieces of Scanpan, a few of them almost 15 years old, and love them all.

Does anyone have both kinds and can compare and contrast?

I have a few pieces of Calphalon that I love, nonstick and tri-ply stainless. But I don’t have any Calphalon One and don’t plan on getting any unless there’s incontrovertible evidence that it’s better than my tried-and-true Scanpan. I just can’t fathom why all this hype about a supposed new breakthrough product that seems to have no advantages over a well-tested product with the same claim to fame that’s already been around for so long.

I always like to look at new products. But I don’t like being duped just because one company has a larger marketing department.

BTW, given the above problems that some folks have had with Calphalon warping, be aware that I’ve NEVER had a warping problem with Scanpan. It’s specifically guaranteed not to warp. I’ve plunged my screaming hot wok under the fawcet many times. It loves it. (I’ve never had a problem with Calphalon warping either, but that stuff I treat gently.)

So, does Calphalon One have any REAL advantages over Scanpan?? Or is Calphalon just trying to dupe us into thinking their product is “new” technolgoy even though a competitor has been selling that technology for close to two decades?

A while ago, I purchased a Cuisinart 2 QT SS saute pan that was on a “try me” price deal. It did a great job at browning meat, but afterwards when I cleaned it, there were white spots that just wouldn’t come off. I then went on a search for the same item in a non-stick finish…nothing was available at a “try me” deal. Then, a few weeks ago, I got special offers for Calphalon I and Scan Pan, almost simultaneously.

Too good a bargain to pass up. I bought both. The Scan Pan doesn’t have vertically straight sides like the other two saute pans, but the NS finish is absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend the product. The Calphalon I looks like the old anodized aluminum saute pan that Calphalon is now discontinuing, but has a new low stick finish. I am at a loss to see any difference between the new and the old finish.

In fact, I ended up with noticeable stains on the bottom of the pan after use that won’t come off with normal cleaning. It certainly is nowhere near the Calphalon non-stick finish that I enjoy in my 3 QT Commercial NS Calphalon saute pan. The Calphalon I is ok, but I won’t buy any more with this finish, until I figure out what I might be doing wrong. BTW…I do heat up the pans that are not of the non-stick variety, before I add the oil, so that’s not part of the problem.

I have a Calphalon pot and a Scanpan frying pan. I will take the Scanpan over the Calphalon any day! The trouble is that Scanpan products are much more expensive than just about any other brand of cookware. The nonstick Scanpans are made of titanium and aluminum. They’re indestructable and they’re very nonstick.

Cleaning them is a breeze and you don’t need to use plastic or wood utensiles to cook with them as you do with the other brands of non-stick cookware. Scanpans also have a lifetime warrantee and they are heavy like old-fashioned iron skillets and they cook the same way. With a Scanpan, you get all the advantages of cooking with iron cookware without any of the hassles.