Best Shower Filters For Hard Water: Our Reviews & Recommendations

Showering is an indispensable part of our hygiene. It is through showering that we get rid of the sweat, gunk, dead skin cells and dirt clinging to our skin. A few minutes of shower also helps improve our mood, especially when you are showering with warm water.

Invest in a good shower system that can deliver a lot of features such as massage and efficiency. But in addition to that, you might also want to invest in a good shower filter. There are a lot of shower filters today that are easy to install and can last for a long time. Find out below which of the shower filters today are the best.

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Is Installing a Shower Filter Really Necessary?

If you don’t want to experience the following benefits, then it isn’t necessary:

1. Your skin will be softer, and you can avoid eczema attacks.

Do you have eczema? Millions of people in the US are afflicted with eczema. It is a condition that can be triggered by external elements such as hard minerals in water. When your skin gets in contact with hard minerals, eczema flare-up can happen a lot. It is also bad for people suffering from psoriasis. Skin dryness often happens due to exposure to these hard minerals.

2. Your hair can become shinier.

Hard minerals are not just bad for your skin, they are bad for your hair as well. There are oxidizers in the water that can make your hair feel rougher. It is also the culprit to dryness and frizziness. Once you incorporate a filter in your shower, you can enjoy softer and shinier hair.

3. You can minimize exposure to chlorine.

You probably know that drinking water with chlorine is bad for your health. But did you also know it is bad to expose yourself to chlorine when you shower? That can be absorbed by the skin easily, especially when you are showering using warm water as warm water opens up your pores.

4. You can make the air in your home cleaner.

Much has been said about the bad effects of indoor air pollution. Not all people know though that their shower could be one of the contributing factors to indoor air pollution. When you shower, the hot steam that contains chemicals such as THM will then go into the air. You can inhale these chemicals.

Types of Shower Head Filters You Can Find Today

There are various types of shower filters today. Here are those you might have to choose from:

1. Built-in Filtration Systems

These shower heads are those that already come with a built-in filtration system. That means you will have to replace your existing shower head and install this one. This might be more difficult to maintain, and it might only be compatible with the filter made by the manufacturing company.

2. Portable Shower Filter

If you already have an existing shower head, get this type of filter. It is installed in between your water supply source and the shower head. They require very little effort and expert knowledge to install. They are also compact, making them an easy choice for homeowners who don’t want something that might be too complicated.

These filters also come with different functionalities. Chlorine filter is a type of filter that gets rid specifically of chlorine. It makes use of GAC, KDF or Calcium Sulfite. Another option is the Chloramine filter that gets rid of chloramine, a chemical compound that is found in water that is not as harmful as chlorine but can still post a health risk. Fluoride filters can also be a good choice if you think your water source has a lot of chlorine content.

Best Shower Filter Reviews

Here are the shower filters that are worth buying:

These are the benefits you can get:

1. AquaBliss High Output Universal Shower Replaceable Multi Stage Filter

AquaBliss High Output Universal Shower Replaceable Multi Stage Filter

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This is a multistage filtration system that will ensure the removal of different kinds of metals such as lead, chromium, nickel and mercury in addition to minerals such as chlorine. It also prevents fungi and bacteria from growing excessively. You can immediately feel the difference in how soft your hair and skin feel.

The filtration system makes use of a mix of KDF-55, Calcium Sulfite and Active Carbon filters in order to effectively remove metals, minerals and impurities, even when using water with a higher temperature. You can filter out hot and cold water.


  • Effectively removes impurities, minerals and metals in water through its multi-stage filtration system.
  • It can work even when using hot and cold water.
  • It features quick installation process. You don’t need to hire a professional.
  • The filters can be replaced by simply removing the cartridge.
  • A lot said their skin condition has improved.
  • It comes with everything you need for installation as well.


  • You might have to move the shower head down a little bit, depending on the set-up you have.

2. Freshflow Water Shower Filter Hard Water Softener

Freshflow Water Shower Filter Hard Water Softener

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If you want to get rid of chlorine and fluoride from your water source, get this shower filter. It also has a water softening effect that truly works in improving your hair and skin condition. You can also rely on its 12-stage filtered cartridge softener system to remove iron in your water source. It also incorporates vitamin C to your water to keep the skin and hair healthy.


  • This is one of the most affordable water filters out there.
  • It even comes with an extra 12 stage replacement cartridge.
  • It can be installed easily and works with a standard size of shower head.
  • The manufacturing company offers a 30-day full refund if you are not satisfied with it.
  • This shower filter is capable of removing chlorine and fluoride from your water source.
  • You can notice results instantaneously.


  • Some said it tends to leak.

3. SITAFL 15 Stage Universal Vitamin C Shower Filter

SITAFL 15 Stage Universal Vitamin C Shower Filter

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This 15-stage filtration system guarantees more effective removal of all sorts of metals, minerals and impurities from your water. It also delivers vitamin C into your water to help nourish the skin and keep it young and moisturized. What makes this different from all the others is its Maifan stone layer. This is what can help your skin maintain its natural pH levels. You can immediately notice softening of skin and hair after using this shower filter.


  • The 15-stage filtration system is one of the most complete stages out there. No limescale deposits, dirt, turpitudes, bacteria, pesticide, metal, chlorine, fluoride and  other organic materials will get through it.
  • It has magnetic energy balls that is used to energize the water so that it has more oxygen that can help in nourishing your hair and skin.
  • The vitamin C in this filtration system works in neutralizing the chloramine and chlorine in your hard water. Additionally, it also brightens and softens up the skin.
  • It has a layer of medical stone that draws out impurities and restores your body’s pH balance.
  • It includes Teflon tape for installation, 2 filter cartridges and all the other things you need to install it successfully.
  • Installation is easy with its screw-in mechanism.
  • A lot of people also said they have better air quality at home because there are no more chlorine fumes expelled by their shower.


  • Might not be as effective in removing chlorine as others.

4. Select Filters Premium Shower Filter

Select Filters Premium Shower Filter

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Install your shower filter in mere minutes – that is according to Select Filters who designed this shower filter in such a way that it doesn’t require a lot for installation. It gets rid of chlorine, bacteria, mercury, lead, iron, chromium and nickel from your water source. It prevents the growth of fungi, molds and algae as well, so you are basically getting not just clean but also clear water. This filtration system also effectively softens your water.


  • Very easy to install. Anyone can do it. Replacement of the cartridge is also easy. You don’t need extra tools to get this in place.
  • Water goes through a 12-stage filtration system that ensures it will get rid of all sorts of impurities and contaminants in your water source. It also has a water softening effect.
  • An extra cartridge is included in your purchase, which can last for as long as 12,000 gallons of usage.
  • Many customers said they felt the difference in the way their hair and skin felt.
  • It prevents hard water spots from forming on fixtures.
  • The filters are quite easy to change as well.


  • It can take up some space, so if you are tall, you might want to consider installing your shower higher to accommodate this one.