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Carving Watermelon Ship

carving watermelon ship

Carving Watermelon Ship Instructions

  • Choose a large, oblong watermelon for now project.
  • Cut a thin slice based on the underside to make a solid base.
  • Draw the outlines for the ship as proven in the pattern image.
  • Use a knife or decorating service to cut along the lines of the pattern.
  • Cut all the way throughout the rind.
  • Remove the top section of rind; it may be simpler to require a deep cut throughout the top section and remove it in two pieces.
  • Cut the sail based on information from a section of the rind you removed.
  • You can come up with a message on the sail amongst a water-soluble brown have had to deal with tip marker.
  • Attach the sail to the ship in a extended wooden skewer
  • Fill amid approx. 3 cups of fruit salad, depending on the size of the melon.

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