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Rich Dark Hot Chocolate Recipe

Recipe: Rich Dark Hot Chocolate


  • rich dark hot chocolate
    rich dark hot chocolate

    5oz or 140g dark bitter-sweet chocolate

  • 1 mug hot dairy


  1. Put a modicum of the actual whole milk in a saucepan.
  2. Breakup your chocolate directly into small parts and place into the milk.
  3. High temperature more than a reduced heat and also mix from time to time before chocolate starts to dissolve.
  4. Once the chocolate offers softened a bit, eliminate the pan in the temperature as well as wake before chocolate along with the take advantage of form an even paste.
  5. Come back to the lowest temperature. Include a little more take advantage of to water down the mixture along with stir effectively. Gradually stir within the other dairy. Don’t allow the dairy to boil.
  6. Pour right into a glass and enjoy the rich, dark hot chocolate.
  7. Rich Dark Hot Chocolate is ready to serve.