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Rice Patties Recipe

Rice Patties Ingredients:

  • Rice Patties
    Rice Patties

    1 mug cooked properly Rice

  • ½ pot All-Purpose Flour
  • A single tablespoons of Sugar
  • One particular mug Yams Mix
  • Several tbsp Butter
  • A single tablespoons of Candida
  • 1/8 tsp of The baking Powder
  • 1 pot Dairy

How to make Rice Patties:

  • Mix all the substances, other than butter, together in a very big pan,
    until eventually easy.
  • Butter a non-sticky skillet and warmth over method fire.
  • Place spoonfuls from the mixture on the griddle to form patties.
  • Simmer right up until glowing brownish and also change onto sleep issues.
  • Add small butter as well as cook until eventually gold brown.
    Cook the rest of the mix just as.
  • Rice Patties is ready to serve.