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Kasi Halwa


  • Kasi Halwa
    Kasi Halwa

    Two cup white pumpkin (grated)

  • 4 green cardamoms
  • 1 cup pure ghee
  • Twelve cashewnuts
  • 1 1/2 cup sugar
  • One and a halfcup milk
  • saffron a few strands
  • the pinch camphor

How to make Kasi Halwa

  • Peel off, deseed as well as reduce the actual pumpkin into really small cubes.
  • Mill the cardamom with the 1 tablespoon sugar to some fine powder, filter and aside.
  • Warmth 2 tablespoons associated with ghee as well as fry cashewnuts in order to gold dark brown and keep aside.
  • Boil the rest of the sugar with ¾th cup water making syrup of one-thread consistency.
  • Warmth Four tbsps associated with ghee as well as sauté the pumpkin for a few moments, include the saffron and also the milk.
  • Simmer more than low warmth till the actual pumpkin is actually completely cooked and also the milk is actually soaked up totally. Stir and mash the actual pumpkin lightly having a wooden spatula whilst cooking.
  • Include the syrup slowly to the pulp and continue mixing and cooking food. Include the ghee little by little till it’s totally soaked up.
  • Sprinkle the actual cardamom natural powder and also the camphor. Include the actual fried cashewnuts and continue cooking food till the actual halwa begins leaving the sides from the vessel.
  • Kasi Halwa is ready to serve.