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Italian Steak Sandwich Recipe


  • Italian Steak Sandwich
    Italian Steak Sandwich

    1 1/2 pounds. thinly sliced,lean sirloin steak, 5 large cloves minced garlic, Four tbls. butter, Three tbls. exrta virgin olive oil, salt and pepper to taste, Two teaspoon. cornstarch, 4 Hero rolls,

How to make Italian Steak Sandwich

  • Brown the actual garlic within the butter and olive oil. Include the steak as well as salt as well as pepper. Prepare unti congratulations. Take away the steak through pan and hang apart. Include the cornstarch and whisk unti thickened.Taste and alter flavoring. Piece the actual hero comes open and put beef within. Put a bit of the thickened gravy on top as well as add the actual shredded mozzerella.Wrap every sandwich within aluminum foil so that just the meat as well as cheese is exposed. Place on the cooking sheet within stove from 425 levels til browned. Serve comfortable.
  • Italian Steak Sandwich is ready to serve.

40 minutes to make
Serves 4