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Fig Jam Recipe

Fig Jam Ingredients:

Fig Jam Recipe

  • 1.5kg Figs
  • 750g Jam sugar (with pectin)

How to make Fig Jam:

  • Look over the figs and discard any that look at all mouldy. Cut off the stems and place them in a large saucepan. Squash the figs with a potato masher or your hands, breaking them into a lumpy paste.
  • It may look as though there won’t be enough liquid, but don’t worry – there will be plenty. Put the pan on a low heat and pour in the sugar; stir and let the sugar dissolve. After a few minutes, turn up the heat and bring to a boil; cook for 6–9 minutes, stirring occasionally until thick.
  • Heat the jam to 105°C or until a blob of it sets on a chilled teaspoon – if it runs off, boil the jam for a little longer. Remove from the heat and ladle into 4–5 sterilised 350ml jars. Leave a space at the top, put a wax disc over the jam while still hot and cover with the lid. Once cooled, the jam will keep for up to 6 months, though do refrigerate it once opened.