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Carving watermelon Swan Bird

Carving watermelon Swan Instructions:

Carving watermelon Swan Bird

  • Any Shape watermelon can work. Pick one that is best for your table.
  • Cut a thin slice out of the bottom
  • Draw the outlines for the swan as confirmed in the pattern image.
  • Use a wonderful knife or decorating software to cut along the lines of the pattern.
  • Cut all the way in the rind when cutting the top commission this am able to be cut away.
  • Be gloomy to leave the beak attached to the feathers for stability.
  • Use a knife to hollow out an eye.
  • To remove the top section, chiefly cut it to quarters.
  • Hollow the melon and trim the aspects so properties are not too thick.
  • You can use a melon baller to remove the remaining melon.
  • Fill investing in approx. 1 cup of fruit salad, depending on the size of the melon.
  • Serve remaining fruit salad in one more bowl.

Carving Watermelon Beach Party

Carving Watermelon Beach Party instructions

  • Using an oblong seedless watermelon, cut a ¼ inch slice off the lowest to post a firm base.
  • Draw lines in a wave design through a fine pencil or thin marker nearly one side of the way up and all the way obtainable the watermelon.
  • Scoop out the flesh in on an ice cream scoop or a considerable spoon, and reserve for salad.
  • To construct a water scene chill green gelatin in a pithy plastic container to give out a pool of “water” and place in the watermelon bowl.
  • Fill in almost the “water” amidst fruit salad cut to fun shapes and balls.
  • Arrange new, pitiful beach-themed toys and pithy plastic dolls toward the border of the watermelon bowl to give out the beach scene.
  • Garnish the sides provided drink umbrellas and plastic palm tree swizzle sticks, and add gummy fish to the top of the salad and gelatin to thorough the scene.

Carving Watermelon Purse

carving watermelon

Material for Carving Watermelon Purse:

  • 1 faintly oblong seedless watermelon
  • Paper and scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Rhinestones and ribbon
  • Toothpicks or straight pins

Carving Watermelon Purse Instructions

  • Wash the watermelon and lay it on its side. Place knife on top of watermelon in the center and instigate one vertical cut to slice the melon in half.
  • Take one part and slice off the top end. Use a knife to cut out the flesh. This can be the base of the purse.
  • Lay the additional side slice-side down. Place knife blade at top in heart and cut straight diminished to slice piece in half. Take one part and cut a piece nearly 1 ½” to 2″ wide on the longest side to engender the handle. Cut off flesh and use decorative cuts to carve the strip to the deal with (shown investing in scallop outside edge cuts). Use toothpicks to attach the solve to the purse. Take remaining flesh and cut to ½” to 1″ thick slices and set aside.
  • From the remaining piece cut out the purse pocket, hollowing out the supplementary flesh. Attach amid toothpicks to the front of the purse.
  • Draw lip-shaped pieces of paper to use as templates. Cut out lip shapes based on formerly cut slices. Or use heart-shaped cookie cutters to cut the fruit.
  • Fill the basket investing in watermelon lips and additional newly drafted cut fruit as desired. Have fun decorating inside the pocket and the purse amidst rhinestones, ribbon, a good amount ornaments, or tiny amount of girls’ dress-up sets based on the toy store. You may seek to use a hot glue gun to attach adornments to the outside of the purse (on the watermelon rind).

Carving Watermelon Pig

carving watermelon

Materials for Carving Watermelon Pig:

  • 1 Round seedless watermelon
  • 1 Pipe cleaner
  • 1 Piece of pink foam compose sheet
  • 3 Buttons (one substantial pink and two yellow or alternative blueberries)
  • Melon baller and a bowl
  • Toothpicks or straight pins

Carving Watermelon Pig Instructions:

  • Wash the watermelon. Using the sweet seedless watermelon, cut a ¼ inch slice off the underside to put up a steady base.
  • Cut the melon 2/3 for the ground and nearly 4″ away from what i read in the front, later slice dwindling to detach top. See picture underneath for an easy reference. Place such leftover rind piece to the portion for later.
  • Use a melon baller to cut out melon pieces according to the inside of the primary piece and place aside in a bowl. Gently scoop out remaining watermelon bits to initiate a clean “bowl” for serving the watermelon balls.
  • Coil the pipe cleaner to put up the tail, and cut ears of the pink foam engender sheet. You can as well use a efficient circle of the rind for the snout, and if you prefer, top investing in a larger pink button. Cut a compact circle to mount the snout on for the leftover rind piece. Attach the tail, eyes and snout amidst straight pins or toothpicks.
  • To acquire the pig hooves, cut one square shapes on the leftover rind piece. At the ground of every square, craft a triangle cut to define the hoof. Attach the hooves provided toothpicks or pins.
  • Fill the bowl in the melon balls. Try putting in a greater amount of fruits or berries for a greater amount of color and enjoy!

Carving Watermelon Snowman


Carving Watermelon Snowman instructions:

carving watermelon

  • Using one sweet seedless watermelon and two individualized sized watermelons (one perfect and one smaller), cut a ¼ i nch slice off the lowest of every melon to produce a firm base.
  • Use the smallest melon for the head, the upcoming most massive for the torso and the utmost for the fewer body. Set aside the smallest watermelon. cream scoop or sizeable spoon.
  • Cut the tops off of the extensive and medium watermelons, as shown, to engender bowls. Scoop out flesh, employing an ice
  • Taking the smallest watermelon which has not yet continued cut, scoop out eyes making use of a melon baller. Invert melon balls and reinsert.
  • Using a mini melon baller or a paring knife, scoop out holes for the nose and mouth. Carve a piece of watermelon to a triangle for the nose, and fill mouth holes amongst blueberries.
  • connect all 3 watermelons on a platter, making use of significant wooden skewers.
  • Insert y-shaped sticks to heart watermelon for arms.
  • Fill rock bottom sections amidst fruit salad of melon balls and blueberries. Decorate amongst scarf and hat.

Carving Watermelon Submarine

Carving Watermelon Submarine

  • Use a especially for a while seedless watermelon for the submarine body, and a narrower seedless watermelon for the conning tower, the periscope and the rudder on the returning of the submarine.
  • Cut just about 3/8 inch off the underside of the overall duration of the for a while watermelon so the base serves to turn up as a submarine sitting in water, as demonstrated in the photograph.
  • Cut at a particularly slight angle so the front plans to seem sitting a tiny amount of even better in the water as opposed to the back.
  • Cut the top of the watermelon, at a slight angle so this the front of the submarine will be able to turn up faintly large as opposed to the back.
  • Scoop out the flesh amongst an ice cream scoop or a considerable spoon, and reserve for salad.
  • Draw the conning tower sections on curved rind out of moment watermelon paying for a excellent pencil or thin marker.
  • Trim as critical to bring in the two pieces fit up to craft the tower.
  • Cut slits on the half of the tower as provided evidence and input half pieces.
  • Connect to top of submarine in toothpicks.
  • Draw the rudder on the flat rind based on what i read in the moment watermelon.
  • Trim as monumental to fashion the two pieces fit up to make the rudder.
  • Cut slits on the half of the rudder as demonstrated and enter half pieces.
  • Connect to submarine paying toothpicks.
  • Draw periscope sections on the flat rind from what i read in the minute watermelon.
  • Pierce in a toothpick to instigate the handle, as shown, and cut off superior ends of toothpicks.
  • Insert to the tower as shown.
  • Place on platter through blueberries all just about to look as water.
  • Fill sub investing in fruit salad overly has carried on cut in on a French-fry style crinkle cutter, as shown. Replace top and decorate through toy captain and inverted swizzle sticks to arrive as antennas.

Carving Watermelon Vase

Carving Watermelon Vase Instructions


  • Using a ass watermelon, slice ¼ inch off the stem end to end up with a solid base.
  • Determine the viable point of your vase and, making use of a pencil, allure a sequence all the way virtually the watermelon.
  • Cut off top amid a substantial slicing knife.
  • Next, use an apple corer to get scalloped border cuts all over the top rim.
  • Use trimmings based on what i read in the top piece to cut thin slices of grey rind almost 1/4″ thick.
  • Use these kinds of slices to cut out shapes amidst cookie cutters to decorate the vase.
  • Attach decorative shapes investing in diminutive pieces of sturdy toothpicks.
  • Insert flower stems directly to watermelon flesh to arrange. 

Carving Watermelon Tips

Tips for easy Watermelon Carving

Following These Tips Will Make watermelon Carving Easier, Safer and Give You More Professional Results

  • Have the entire watermelon at room temperature when you carve.
  • The cuts would be straightforward to generate when the watermelon is not cold. You can chill the watermelon in the refrigerator once cutting and before serving.
  • Cut a small, thin, fl at piece based on the ground of the watermelon before carving. This might build a fl at base, causing the watermelon greater number of steady when carving.
  • Draw the design on the watermelon rind investing in a fine/medium height waterproof marker or a top notch pencil before you cut.
  • After you’ve drawn the design on the rind, list toothpicks in key units to use as guides for your cuts.
  • Use a great knife surrounded by a pointed tip – the smarter the knife, the more effortless and cleaner the cuts should be. Be careful!
  • Consider employing a course knife for absolute cuts and to hollow out large areas.
  • For even greater grip and to boon cover your hands, use a fresh, new thick pair of gardening gloves amid gripper palms.
  • Choose a flat endeavoring surface on a firm base.
  • For funny things detailed designs, attractiveness a template above all on a sheet of grey paper among a marker or pencil. When finished, transfer the image to the watermelon surface by taping the paper to the melon and tracing along the design’s lines in a pencil, building the design properly on the watermelon surface.
  • When attaching cut pieces on the watermelon to force your design, use ass toothpicks or skewers. Flat toothpicks could often break due to weight of the piece or the thickness of the rind.
  • Be creative and suffer fun!

Carving Watermelon Ship

carving watermelon ship

Carving Watermelon Ship Instructions

  • Choose a large, oblong watermelon for now project.
  • Cut a thin slice based on the underside to make a solid base.
  • Draw the outlines for the ship as proven in the pattern image.
  • Use a knife or decorating service to cut along the lines of the pattern.
  • Cut all the way throughout the rind.
  • Remove the top section of rind; it may be simpler to require a deep cut throughout the top section and remove it in two pieces.
  • Cut the sail based on information from a section of the rind you removed.
  • You can come up with a message on the sail amongst a water-soluble brown have had to deal with tip marker.
  • Attach the sail to the ship in a extended wooden skewer
  • Fill amid approx. 3 cups of fruit salad, depending on the size of the melon.

Watermelon Heart basket Carving

Watermelon Basket Heart Carving Instructions

  • Almost any circumstances watermelon is able to tedious work for the present project.
  • Cut a thin slice from what i read in the lowest to find a solid base.
  • Draw the outlines for the Heart Basket as top you can to mirror how is demonstrated in the image.
  • Use a knife or decorating utility to cut out the edges. Be conservative not to cut during the handle.
  • When cutting is complete, thoroughly remove the top quarter sections.
  • Trim the flesh for the inside of the handle. You can cut out hearts or a great deal more designs out of the rind you removed to decorate the outside of the basket; attach in toothpicks.
  • Fill in on approx. 8-12 cups of fruit salad.