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Cheese Board Recipe

How to Prepare a Cheese Board Ingredients

  • How to Prepare a Cheese Board Recipe
    How to Prepare a Cheese Board Recipe

    French Bread

  • Cheese
  • Wine
  • Fruit

How to Prepare a Cheese Board

  • Present a selection of cheeses that provide contrasts in texture, appearance, and flavors. You will find that cheese are classified as cream, firm, semisoft, or hard; as covered in ash, herbs, or leaves; and finally as pungent, salty, mild or sweet. Then of course, you also have hot or spicy cheeses – such as Monterey Jack with Jalapeños.
  • Include four to seven cheese selections. For example, a cheese board made up of creamy Cheddar, Gorgonzola, Herbed Goat Cheese, and Brie.
  • Allow cheeses to come to room temperature before serving.
  • Include on or near your cheese board or platter for your guests to use — cheese knives, wedges, and pate spreaders.
  • Add fruit the board. Good fresh fruit adds flavor and compliments the cheese flavors. For examples pears, apples, and grapes are great with the above cheese example. You might also try dried apricots and figs.
  • Add wine. Red and white wines are equally correct. Most red wines pair up very well with sharp cheeses, while white wines pair well with white and creamy cheeses. However, it is mostly a matter of taste and preference. These are my favorites:
    Cabernets with sharp NY cheddars and hard cheeses
    Pinot Noir with Baby Swiss cheese or Gouda
    Zinfandel with Blue cheese or Gorgonzola
    Chardonnay with Creamy Brie
    Dry Riesling with White cheeses like Baked Brie
  • Add baguette or water crackers. For stronger cheese, try Pumpernickel or German Black Bread.
  • Cheese Board is ready to serve.