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Rose Apple Blossom Carving


  • Three green rose-apples


  • Carving knife
  • Sharp-pointed knife


  • At the flower end of the rose-apples, make slices in a circle through the wall of the fruit and then carefully pull the flower seed and membrane out.
  • Use the stem ends to make flowers. With the tip of the carving knife, form four pointed petals, and then cut through the outer face of each petal to make another smaller petal inside it.
  • Make the centers of the flowers from red apple peel. Cut the apple peel into disks and insert in the center of the flowers.

Carved Apple Carving

Apple Carving


  • Two red apples


  • Sharp-pointed knife
  • Carving knife


  • Wash the apples.
  • Begin carving the first flower by creating the center. Make cuts to form the petals and remove flesh from the cuts.
  • With the tip of the knife, cut curved expanded petals around the center and remove flesh from beneath to make them stand out.
  • Around and centered between these carve a circle of pointed petals.
  • To one side and below, carve a second flower in the same way. Then, carve a third to one side and above the second. Continue in this way around the fruit. When done, carve leaves around the flowers.
  • Peel the areas that are not carved and then soak the apple in salt water to prevent from darkening.