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Turkish Chicken Rice Recipe

Turkish Chicken Rice Ingredients

  • chicken only legs, thighs, breast and wings, 1 lb
  • Tomatoes 3 large peeled, seeded and chopped
  • Onions 2 finely chopped
  • Garlic 2 cloves minced
  • Coriander seed 1 tbsp ground
  • Saffron ½ tbsp
  • Olive oil 4 tbsp
  • Bay leaf 1 crushed
  • Bell Peppers 2 finely diced
  • Kalamata olives pitted and dices 1 cup
  • Chicken broth 2 cups preferably homemade
  • White raisins 2 tsp soaked in boiling water 30 minutes.
  • Long grain with rice 1 lb
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Ground cumin ½ tsp

how to make Turkish Chicken Rice Recipe

  • Remove the skin from chicken pieces. Season chicken with salt and pepper.
  • Cook in oil. Remove pieces as they brown.
  • They should be almost cooked at this point.
  • If they are not, turn down heat and continue cooking. Add onions to the oil left in the pan and cook until soft.
  • Add garlic, bay leaf and ground coriander. Stir in rice until well coated with the oil.
  • Add bell peppers and cook a few minutes.
  • Stir in tomatoes, cumin and saffron. Add raisins.
  • Return chicken pieces to pan.
  • Pour 2 cups boiling chicken stock. Cover pan. Turn down heat and simmer 10 minutes. Add olives and continue simmering 10 to 15 minutes until rice is cooked.
  • Add some drops of Tabasco.
  • Serve hot.
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