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Apricot Fizz Recipe


  • Apricot Brandy Fizz
    Apricot Brandy Fizz

    One ripe mango

  • One fresh peach
  • 2 large fresh apricots
  • Two mugs (500ml) dried out ginger ale
  • For everyone
  • crushed ice

How to make Apricot Fizz

Planning technique

  • One. Peel the actual mango and cut the actual skin from the stone. Roughly chop the actual flesh and set it inside a blender or even food processor.
  • Two. Cover the actual peach and apricots with boiling water and leave for about Thirty seconds, after that drain and cool below cold running water. Whenever cool enough to handle, slide off the skin. Roughly cut the actual flesh, getting rid of the gemstones, as well as add to the mango in the blender or even food processor.
  • Pour in just enough ginger beer to pay for the actual fresh fruit, then process till completely sleek. Put in the leftover ginger beer as well as procedure once again.
  • Add a few crushed iced in order to 4 tall glasses, then put the actual fizz in to the glasses. Serve instantly along with broad straws or even swizzle sticks.

Apricot Fizz is ready to serve.

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