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Hot Sesame Chicken Wings Recipe

Hot Sesame Chicken Wings Ingredients

  • Hot Sesame Chicken WingsRecipe
    Hot Sesame Chicken WingsRecipe

    15 whole chicken wings

  • 3/4 cup dry bread crumbs
  • 2 tablespoons sesame seeds, toasted
  • 1 teaspoon paprika
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/3 cup heavy whipping cream
  • 1/4 cup butter, melted

How to make Hot Sesame Chicken Wings

  • Cut chicken wings into three sections; discard wing tip sections. In a large resealable plastic bag, combine the bread crumbs, sesame seeds, paprika and salt. Place cream in a shallow bowl. Dip chicken wings in cream, then place in the bag and shake to coat evenly.
  • Pour butter into a 13-in. x 9-in. baking dish; add chicken, turning to coat. Bake, uncovered, at 375° for 40-45 minutes or until juices run clear, turning every 10 minutes.
  • Hot Sesame Chicken Wings is ready to serve.

Prep: 15 min.
Bake: 40 min.

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