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Plain Dosa Recipe

Plain Dosa Recipe Ingredients:

  • 3 cup rice (chawal)
  • 1 cup split brown gram lentil (urad ki dhuli dal)
  • 1 tsp salt (namak)
  • 1 tsp fenugreek seeds (dana methi)
  • oil as required

How to make plain dosa Recipe

  • Soak rice, dal and dana methi for 6 hours.
  • Then grind them to a wonderful thin batter by putting in tad water.
  • Add salt to it and leave it discussed for 12 hours for fermentation.
  • Now heat a non stick tawa and spread 1 tbsp of the batter on the entire of the pan.
  • Grease all the corners and subsequently cook it on the !no! portion also.
  • Put tiny bit water on the tawa and wipe it surrounded by a clean cloth before bringing about every dosa.
  • Serve them hot amongst hot sambhar and chutney.

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